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Read more: Pope sticking up for child molesters

How sick and telling it is… that this evil man wants to decriminalize child porn!!! Certainly pope benedict is a molester… your motive is: do not protect the children but to keep your rich satanic church open!! KEEP IT OPEN BY GOSH!!! YOU NEED TO KEEP STEALING MONEY FROM PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE YOUR LIES!!!
Otherwise…more and more priests will be brought out into the open!! Your church will go under!! You will not sit on heaps of gold!! Oh and by golly– if you cant send pedopriests away to a 3rd world country to molest more kids whose kids will be left to prey on?
I say you eat each other to death and choke to death on your bones–
and the bones of the dead victims! And the cries of thousands of survivors will spew you into Hell…and your filthy perverted church filled with the blood of satan that lays under your breadth of riches- which you have used to exploit children for centuries is crumbling, tumbling down.

Filth!! benedict you filthy sick creep.

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zlurker the pig is snorting away ready to cheat on his wife.

He has told her he is a pedophile attracted to little girls. She has never done anything about it! WHY?

She can try to keep the secrets only for so long. The truth will come out and
I suspect he has multiple victims including children of his own!
I assume he is also a child porn watcher, possibly collector. I suspect he can be violent to his wife, verbally abusive and controlling.

Re: Miley is 18!
Posted by zlurker on Saturday, December 4 2010 at 01:24:46am
In reply to Miley is 18! posted by gingerman23 on Friday, December 3 2010 at 07:18:04pm
Well, 17 is legal in my area. And there are a few girls who, though not 17 yet, seem like they might still be desirable to me when that reach that mystical and magical age when they instantaneously develop the maturity and experience needed to decide for themselves who they can share their bodies with.

And if, by some (admittedly rather remote) chance they expressed a willingness to do so at 17 + 1/365 years old… well… my wife might not be too happy that day… but too bad for her.

AN admission of infidelity…dishonest filth and just a low life child molester.

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luvlil1s at girlchat writes:

Can’t keep my eyes off
Posted by luvlil1s on Wednesday, December 8 2010 at 01:37:12am
I can’t keep my eyes off lil girls and their pretty lil barefeet. I love watching them.

anyone else love little barefeet?

Sick filthy bastard, I hope some one kicks you off a cliff!

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