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It would seem with all the education people can get about the dangers of the internet, that they would keep their kids off YouTube.

But sadly, this just isn’t the case.

The following screen shot is a excerpt from a boychat post in which they are discussing some 9yr old boy dancing on video.

The perverts will stop at nothing to satisfy their evil desires. They desire to molest children, so watching YouTube videos like described as above fuels their lust, as child pornography does.
The pedophiles scold the anon (coward) pedophile, and they assert that next time– leave no comment–so more kids will upload these types of  videos on YouTube. 

Some pedophiles download the video to keep in their stash of child pornography, for trading or even using to impersonate a child.  There is no end to their evilness… except the death penalty, natural life in prison, or suicide.

I also believe parents who allow their children to do things of this nature must be held liable.
Charges should be brought up against them for child endangerment at least.  There is also a possibility that the parent who is allowing this is also a sexual deviant peddling out their child to other pedophiles as a way to gain trust, and friends. 

Lets not forget our children!  Lets keep making more and more parents aware of what is happening!

And lets love our kids (more than ourselves) so they know enough not to do these things and put them online! 

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I was 18

the November night gusting with cold Atlantic chills
no socks
no coat

So tired the sleep came fast
when awoken at 3am

we are here
I have to go
get up little girl
this is the end of the road.

No family
no home
no coat to keep warm
the deep november chills
threatened to make me ill

I got off the bus
with little to gain
no where to go
but lots of pain

the cement sidewalk was hard
the wind went through me
I was alone
I was in my hometown.

I had learned to make it alone here before
all through the divorce we children call ‘war’

its the sing -a- long that makes you keep walking
it sings whatever song
made you strong
all along.

What kind of child is this?
Of whom her father hates?
What kind of child is this?
That her siblings hate?

The darkened moon swept chills into her
surfing on
big huge 30ft waves
splashing inside
where you can’t run to
escape them


GUILTY of being a victim of child abuse!

You’re 18 now little girl
go away!


GO live with the Mother who gave you away!!


Go find the dad who agreed!


You’re 18

we have no more help for you.

The voice said to go to a friends house whose grandma lived there


I refused.







If the light is on

KNOCK on the door!

The voice commanded




I am cold

I am freezing





OK! If the light is on when I am on the corner I will go
I said with contempt.
(who would/could care about me?)

Walking without thought I made it to the corner.
I looked at the house….and seen the light was on!


I had no choice

Walking there
my hand hurts from the cold.

cold ouch hard wood

as fast as I knocked the door opened

“ITs YOU!!!!”
she said.
Her white hair about stood on end.

An angel woke me up
shaking me
telling me to turn on my light
at 3 am.

A bed was made

I slept well.

Thank You Lord.

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child lovers are pedophiles and that means its child ‘lust’ not ‘love’.

A random video…

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Boycott Amazon!!!

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Check out Absolute Zero United!

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Merry Christmas

To Stitches, Jacey, Day and Carisma, To Tampa and Sues and Llort and Rez. To of you who have always supported me through all these horrible monsters posts and words.

Words that tear your heart apart.

and words that heal a woman, together-we heal.

To those that support the work that so many Anti-Pedophile Activists do. Those who realize that
we are in this for a purpose. Not revenge, not because of ignorance. But to stand up for children and really love them, is to stand up and say “Our children are not for sale!” “Our children need loving and safe parenting!” This is a shout.. a scream have you.. from a long time survivor..IE THRIVER who happens to have a voice that you pedophiles can never silence.

But the knowledge of the the vast under workings of the pedophile strategy to market pedophilia as just “another sexual orientation” is enough to fight forever against that message.

I applaud all those who listen. Truly listen…. and hear the screams of those suffering and still suffering through-out life because of a sick perverts’ penis.

Thank you. And I hope to see every one of you next year so we can again celebrate the victories we have shared in the

fight for children never to be abused!

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