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We knew it was happening.

We knew he would groom his own children and here is more proof of that.
This sick child molester has again caused vomit to spew across my keyboard.

This is a “child lover” pedophile rather Child hater.
Grooming his own child. You sick fucker.

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child lovers are pedophiles and that means its child ‘lust’ not ‘love’.

A random video…

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There has been some events around Youtube that have sparked much conflict.

There is a group of pedophiles running around Youtube calling themselves “YouTubeVigilantis” who flag and report videos of anyone who does not agree with their pedophile ways.

The YouTube Vigilantis (YTV) only target a group on YouTube called The YouTube Yahweh Clan or YTYC. They have worked for over 2 yrs in collaborating videos about people who do not agree with them.

Personally when I first arrived on Youtube I was right away asked by different YT channels but none of the YTV to help flag videos that were offensive. Mostly kids half naked or naked and perverts commenting to them.
As time went on I found the YTV and noticed before I ever acknowledged them, they had me blocked. For example user TBD1000. Tbd1000 is a part of the YTV the pedophile clan who flags and reports videos that expose them as the fakers they are.

The YTV is a fake Anti-Pedophile group ran by pedophiles mainly from boychat. They admitted not reporting any pedophiles but then changed it to reporting 5 pedophiles
(this is unproven) and yet allows adult users to berate children, to stalk children and supports one of its users to pose as a fake child to be in the YoungtubersUnited group which is supposed to be only for children.
The fake child is logansperman2 who was proven to be a boychat user named Anakinboy10. Who also was found to be taking kids videos and selling them VIA AMAZON in exchange for gift certificates on Amazon.

Many videos were made about this user. The videos  made by Yahweh was taken down with-in hours.

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A time out….
This song by DMX is awesome! I can’t stop listening to it!

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A time out….
This song by DMX is awesome! I can’t stop listening to it!

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Our Children are NOT for sale Amazon dot com!

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Here is “28” from girlchat feeling sorry pedophiles and their “plight” of denied “presents” for Christmas like being denied the freedom to molest littlegirls and blaming society for it.

Christmas Denied

Posted by 28 on Wednesday, December 31 2008 at 03:43:11pm

Hi All,

As this is the pretty much the end to the holiday season, I thought I’d share a few thoughts, with a little metaphoric parable, on one ironic aspect of being a Child Lover.

I once said to Balancer (Someone who used to post here, whose thoughts and writings I respected very much) that we were like a child at Christmas, who had to watch everyone open up their gifts, but was not allowed to open his(or hers). When others exhibit their emotional needs they are given support. When we do it, we risk being chastised, marginalized, and even imprisoned. The child inside of us, not only can’t open his gift, but he must even deny having it. If we suffer in silence, we are left alone. If we ask permission to open our gift and play with it, just like all the other kids, then we are punished severely. We are not even allowed to speak or declare our existence.

But, if, like that poor child who watches everyone else play, when no one is looking, we tear open a little corner of the wrapping paper and peek inside, we are scolded, humiliated, and locked up. Is it any wonder that some become cynical, desperate, and even depraved? I am constantly amazed that so many of us grew up to be the caring, decent people that I have met on this board. If the “survivors” of sexual abuse think their lives were made difficult, they should consider the child whose inner self was denied and excoriated and who grew up unable to find a suitable way to live an honest, contented life.

This sick mentally ill pedophile would rather think of himself (like all pedophiles) rather than think of the real child. Certainly placing their own self as a neglected child, rather than seeking help in all manners to avoid the life they choose.

The victim denial is explosive to the point of self indulgence rather than giving respect to a child- – his present is unwrapped –therefore more important to him than seeking help for wanting to unwrap that present to begin with.

More important because he has not the morality to see that his words are evidence of
selfishness and self gratifying.

Blaming society because we are standing up for our children NOT to be abused or used or exploited in any manner!

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