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Leave it to boychatters to have America’s top ten wanted criminal pedophile as their webmaster!

Jon Savarino Schillaci was arrested yesterday in San Jose De Gracia, Mexico. This was boychat webmaster Dylan Thomas!

Schillaci was placed on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list on September 7, 2007. Since then he has been hiding in Mexico like the coward all pedophiles are.

Check out the wiki on Dylan Thomas!

So now Bill Evans would like to step in Dylan Thomas place.
Bill the boy sodomizer –child molester as well wishes he had the expertise. Bill’s has no expertise that is why he is broke and facing prison himself.

The den of perverts and child molesters is dark and grim… and with these child molesters
at the wheel we know better than to agree about their propaganda labeled “child love”.

Congratulations to the FBI, and Perverted Justice members who helped with this great arrest!

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YouTube Pedophiles: In Black & White

A friend of mine who is a Anti Pedophile Activist on YouTube.

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Bubba’s awaiting you pedophiles

I just love this movie!

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Pedophiles are terming themselves *Child Lovers*. In truth they are really pedophiles “undercover”.

Real child lovers would never see a child as sexually exciting or sexually attractive.
Real child lovers would not look at child pornography to masturbate.
Real child lovers would not obsess over child models or child actors.
Real child lovers would not enjoy watching animated child pornography to masturbate.
Real child lovers would not get a sexual feeling when holding a child, or watching a child at play.
Real child lovers would not think a child is flirting with them.
Real child lovers would never rape or fondle a child.
Real child lovers would not molest a child, nor abuse them in any manner.
Real child lovers are devoted to a child’s well being and that includes physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Real child lovers know how to treat children and how to properly take care of them. This does not include using alcohol, drugs or sexual material to “turn them on” or bribing them for sexual favors.
Real child lovers understand children, and see children as innocent and for the child they are. Helping children to learn and grow, and experience things that are healthy for them.

No matter what the pedophiles say….. they are not child lovers.
They are child luster’s.

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This is a video from us *Thrivers*.
We are not sorry pedophiles and child molesters. We are not sorry to those perverts we tell the truth about.

Thrivers: Survivors with attitude from Absolute Zero United. Yeah we made it and now you had better watch out! We will never stop telling the truth about you.

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For months now I have read different forums that accuse me of being a professional victim.

I guess that means that I am “professionally” a victim? A victim who is a professional?
Perhaps a Professor who is a victim?

However you want to word it .. it comes out to sound that I am being slighted as a respectable person because I claim to have been abused as a child.

Odd that only pedophiles and sex offenders will say that about me. Odd that only a perverted sick mind would dismiss my claims and automatically call me a liar.

I guess hmmmm… would a “true sexual abuse survivor” stand up to people that wish to do the same to more children?
I suppose they wish that I was too poor and struggling to have a internet connection.
Or maybe if I were too selfish to care.

How ever I became involved in this fight against pedophile destroyers cannot be true.. now can it?

Isn’t that the carrot calling the apple orange?

The fact is that I am a professional victim. But not by choice.

I have all the experience of not only sexual abuse, but physical abuse, mental abuse and verbal abuse!
My experience alone is more than 4 years of college!
With a degree in abandonment and I could write my Thesis on *The Up’s and down’s of an unwanted child*
My profession: “Victimology”. I could open a clinic, and treat other abuse survivors to become *professional victims* meaning survivors with an attitude … thus= Thrivers.

Yes Thrivers.. like me and Brd, and a whole lot of other people out there.

One big problem I have is that I feel worthless.
I could have all these degrees and certificates.. but I’d still
feel worthless.

Children who were abused often feel worthless and its a feeling that doesn’t fix itself. If I feel this way.. there must be a million other’s out there
that share these same feelings. The formally abused are a forgotten bunch…BUT not anymore! We won’t forget about you, like most of society has.

The US Federal Government has disability payments of $600.00 a month. Could be a little higher but it is under $700.00 a month last I knew. In order to get these payments one must be sick mentally or physically and meet other requirements. The federal government thinks disabled people are worthless obviously when they give more to other countries and tax breaks to billionaires yet these most innocent people suffer month to month, living in poverty, some in filth and in low income properties, surrounded by drugs, alcohol and violence.

Think about that for a minute. Some are survivors of childhood abuse and they are incapable of taking care of themselves because of another human being’s sexual lust..or violence this person suffers forever. And he is considered lucky because so many survivors never get any help of any kind! And therefore end up never breaking the cycle and on and on it goes!

We can help each other through this by demanding that our government take care of it’s own people and become a sounding voice against child predators and child molesting pedophiles and monsters.

We can fight for truth by exposing the lies pedophiles would have society believe.

We can heal each other.

We cannot let the child victims be silenced nor forgotten anymore!

My successes in life come from hard work, many sacrifices and much suffering.
No, I am not poor or living in poverty, not on government money, nor food benefits. Its not about money, fame or reputation for me.
Its not even about if you agree.
Its about what I know and what I have seen.
Its about what BRD knows and what she has seen.

We are witnesses of the most horrible kind because not only do we have the knowledge of how pedophiles and child molesters are~ but we also have an added bonus:

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Retarded pedophiles prove their mentally ill every time they open their mouth or type at girlchat or boychat.

Retarded idiots complete with cognitive disorders spew lies to each other and agree to them.

Girl chatters again try to attack me with their lies fueled by anger.
Anger because they know I am right.

I have been ill for the last couple of days, which is why I haven’t answered nigelhead or been so active.
Don’t worry pig girl chatters. I haven’t forgot you.
Your stench is so strong you smell up the internet with your sickening child porn and lust.

You stink.

You can say what ever you want to about me or twist my words all you feel is necessary but in the end YOU pedophiles are the deviants, the criminals and the child exploiters.

I am the product of your lust and abuse and you cannot stand me.
This … me.. violet… is the once littlegirl who was raped and used by pedophiles.
And I won’t be silent, I won’t back down because you attack me or my words.

You know your wrong or you would shout from the highest mountain that your want to fuck children and use them for sex.
You girl chatters and boy chatters are the worse low life scum on this planet.

I am what becomes of the little children you use after they grow up.
IF they make it, IF they can go on living. I am the evidence that you used me, abused me and threw me away when your done.
Just like you do to the children you use for sex. Just like the porn you masturbate to.

Here is a post by trucker the fat pig pedophile pertaining to me….

I’m sorry buddy

Posted by Trucker on Tuesday, December 4 2007 at 01:27:37am
In reply to sorry to hear this. posted by rabit on Monday, December 3 2007 at 11:41:47pm

I know VL is happy because she can’t even get a boyfriend other than her crusty vibrator, but seriously maybe you should give the relationship one more try. ;P

Seriously here is this fat pig pedophile in judgment of me.
The product of his lust, this fat pig sex offender thinks this about me.
LOL he has no idea.
Its funny because he is the fat pig who had to eat his thanksgiving dinner at a truck stop because he is a sex offender and his family hates him.

Now look at Febri-chan the pervert:

She says that Jesus supports pedos

Posted by Febri-chan on Tuesday, December 4 2007 at 03:10:24am
In reply to HAHAHAHAHAHA Absolute Zero ====== ABSOLUTE MORONS! posted by LGsouL on Monday, December 3 2007 at 08:03:32am

In her post on July 19 she supplies this anagram for P-E-D-O


-Poor in spirit
-empty wallet

“Poor in spirit”

Too easy.
Here are the words of Christ:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew5:3

So by her own mouth she confesses our virtue in that Jesus has supplied pedos, who are, as she claims, “poor in spirit” with a special blessing.
In fact, that is the very first of the Beatitudes :p

“empty in wallet”

At a different time Christ again says without the nuance:

“Blessed are ye poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.” Luke6:20

Another blessing, if, in fact, we be as poor as she claims 🙂


That’s fine too.
Hear the words of the Lord God spoken to Moses on mt. Sinai:

“Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil […]” Exodus23:2

So we don’t fit in with a bunch of evil-hearted misopaedes, big deal?
Who wants to?


Maybe the words of St. Peter will get through to this dear girl:

“They think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you.” IIPeter4:4

Of course they think it’s strange: darkness despises the light 🙂

So, allow me now to make a pedo anagram of my own.



It’s funny.
We post here for years and years and people assume that we’re all child-molesters and that we will be “caught” one day.
They like to assume stuff, and make conclusions based on those assumptions.

Truth be told, I was probably more of a danger to children when I was young.
They talk about the pedo-timebomb and that we are all destined somehow to “offend” children, but it’s not true.
At least, that seems to be going the opposite way for me.

There are kids in my life who I’ve made real sacrifices of time and resources for, and it gives me a sense of dutiful accomplishment to be able to serve them in that way.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me what some losers in front of a computer think about me and my disgusting penis that I’m happy to have
(you could say I’m ‘attached’ to it XD).

I’m glad I’m a piggish, disgusting man; I’m proud of my “just right” penis; and I’ll never apologise for being a pedo, because no matter how many children get raped and killed each year, they (the rapists and murderers) are them and I’m me: there is a difference.
I’m a paedophile and I’m damn proud of it.

All I can do is LOL at this post.
I do not wish to discuss his nasty penis but I can only imagine what he masturbates to.
That makes him poor in spirit, & poor in morality.
Any one who twists Bible verses like this for their own cause is obviously sick in the head.

In his own words he speaks Bible verses to exploit his own lust.

tsk tsk tsk Febri-chan …..

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