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I was 18

the November night gusting with cold Atlantic chills
no socks
no coat

So tired the sleep came fast
when awoken at 3am

we are here
I have to go
get up little girl
this is the end of the road.

No family
no home
no coat to keep warm
the deep november chills
threatened to make me ill

I got off the bus
with little to gain
no where to go
but lots of pain

the cement sidewalk was hard
the wind went through me
I was alone
I was in my hometown.

I had learned to make it alone here before
all through the divorce we children call ‘war’

its the sing -a- long that makes you keep walking
it sings whatever song
made you strong
all along.

What kind of child is this?
Of whom her father hates?
What kind of child is this?
That her siblings hate?

The darkened moon swept chills into her
surfing on
big huge 30ft waves
splashing inside
where you can’t run to
escape them


GUILTY of being a victim of child abuse!

You’re 18 now little girl
go away!


GO live with the Mother who gave you away!!


Go find the dad who agreed!


You’re 18

we have no more help for you.

The voice said to go to a friends house whose grandma lived there


I refused.







If the light is on

KNOCK on the door!

The voice commanded




I am cold

I am freezing





OK! If the light is on when I am on the corner I will go
I said with contempt.
(who would/could care about me?)

Walking without thought I made it to the corner.
I looked at the house….and seen the light was on!


I had no choice

Walking there
my hand hurts from the cold.

cold ouch hard wood

as fast as I knocked the door opened

“ITs YOU!!!!”
she said.
Her white hair about stood on end.

An angel woke me up
shaking me
telling me to turn on my light
at 3 am.

A bed was made

I slept well.

Thank You Lord.

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Here is a video I made 2 years ago that was deleted from YouTube.

A self journey towards healing.
Breaking the cycle of abuse, and telling the secrets insures us all a better future!

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Our Children are NOT for sale Amazon dot com!

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More filth from boychat but this one is laughable. Yep I have to LOL at you stupid pedophiles and oh lets play this game: LAST ONES STANDING.

Posted by slvrspun on 2008-December-14 14:42:36, Sunday
In reply to Re: I did too.. sortof posted by Strato on 2008-December-14 14:35:09, Sunday
I bet the filth were pissed off when they realised every bit of my hard drive space was TC’ed. The cops have been here at my home for other matters and I’ve been stopped on the street twice too (grr, very odd indeed), but nothing has been mentioned in relation to my raid.

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Red Rodent from BC wants attention. He supposedly thinks we all will be shocked by what he is. I can only imagine him to be another fat freak pedophile living in filth.

Here is a excerpt from a post he wrote at BoyCrap.

As for PJ and wankisposure, they seem to have lost interest. Their site hasn’t been updated for months (save for the ridiculous claim that, when Dylan was arrested, they were somehow responsible). Unlike you and me, who are seasoned campaigners who make no song and dance about it — for us it’s just everyday life — the Peej pillocks are fairweather attention-grabbers who feed on the whims of the gutter press: when paedo-paranoia was all the rage, they jumped on the bandwagon; now that it’s old news, they’re off feeding on another fad. Let the kids get fucked, it doesn’t draw attention to them anymore, so forget it.

I have a little poem for this idiot

“Lie to your workmates, lie to your folks
Put down the morals and tell pedophile jokes.
Forget the truth from everywhere else
live in the lie of pedophile propaganda…
and end up in prison.”

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More sick pointers of illegal activities in pedophile playgrounds such as boychat and YouTube!

Silverspoon of boychat has posted a video at YouTube how to destroy your hard drive.
Why would any one want to do that?

Certainly some of the pedophiles at boychat protested having illegal stuff and even Bill Evans had his *police set-up story* on hand and ready to tell.

These men are not only cowards but blame gamers before- during- and after molesting a child.
No accountability… again we witness their destructive ways and refusal to change.
Children in the mean-time are at the expense of these men.
From Youtube to bebo these filthy pedophiles are masturbating to and collecting pictures of innocent children!

Silverspoon removed or You Tube took the video down…..

According to Silverspoon YouTube did it

What I said was why are you too paranoid to keep your hard drives around?

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Xavier was interviewed by this news team on the Wikisposure Website! great interview!
Watch the coward Gabe refuse an interview! LOL!!!


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