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What scumbag monsters!

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Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, September 20 2008 at 12:11:01pm

Just this title exhibits the ignorance of pedophiles who wish to groom the public with their lies of “child love”.

Child love and pedophilia are the same: Lust for our Children. Child love is meant to be a *nice* word, a word the general public would like better than pedophilia, however it is not honest in its intention.

The real intention of every child lover is to molest your child. There is no part of child love that separates the one from the other. They both use children for sex, and masturbate to child porn-child images and fantasies.

Child lovers desire your children for sex.

The pedophiles desire their own penises over a child’s future.

The following excerpt from this post is proof of that intention:

“In the USA, there exists a terrible and inexcusable ignorance on the part of children. They are, for the most part, completely unaware of the reasons why older people desire to know them or touch them, or to engage in activities which are strange or unfamiliar to them.“

This girl chat poster goes on to say

“Given this agreement by nearly all Child Lovers (pedophiles who consider the interests of, and honor the wishes of the children they love), it would appear that there are nevertheless many well-intentioned adults who do not wish to honor the desires of children themselves, and instead wish to impose a sort of “protection” which ignores these wishes. The common justification for this so-called protection usually relies on the assertion that children do not know anything about sex”.

Notice his own term of child love is included with pedophilia but he wants to distance himself from pedophiles and molestations and rape. As if to say child lovers are not molesters.. see the difference?

Nope I don’t.

Child lovers have the same intentions as molesters and rapists.

Their goal is to groom the public into believing there is a difference between them as if they are saying a child lover would ask to rape you or molest you instead of just doing it like a pedophile would.

“And so, as a pedophile who is a child lover and specifically a girl lover, I continue to feel quite jaded by a mainstream society which has yet to recognize the benefits of noting the difference between those who wish to simply use children for their own physical desires and those who truly adore children on a number of sincere levels.”

Any adult who is sexually attracted to children are a danger to children. Period.

There is no sincerity in seeing a child as a sexual object.

“And why are child lovers still grouped together with rapists in 2008? ”

Because you are one and the same and always will be.

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International boylove day is today. As part of their celebrations pedophiles often light blue candles.
Lets show the pedophiles how stupid they are and light white candles all over the internet!

Protest International Boylove Day

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Some body stop this!

I’m being used…

Posted by LOD on Friday, June 20 2008 at 10:25:49am

Lately my niece has been becoming increasingly demanding and bossy. She’ll get mad at me if I call her angel instead of princess. She wants to be treated like royalty!

Today she used me as her chair while she watched tv, and then made me smell her legs because she wanted me to compliment her on how nice they smelled – she just took a shower and her legs smelled like peaches. mmmmm… so good! 😛

If I don’t do these things for her she’ll deny me any hugs or kisses when I ask for them. What am I suppose to do? I can’t live without her hugs and kisses. I’m helpless!

BTW, I am seriously hoping I get reincarnated as a little girl’s play chair in my next life. It is THE BEST LIFE. 🙂

LOD your the sick scum of the earth! You will be held accountable for your actions!

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Leave it to boychatters to have America’s top ten wanted criminal pedophile as their webmaster!

Jon Savarino Schillaci was arrested yesterday in San Jose De Gracia, Mexico. This was boychat webmaster Dylan Thomas!

Schillaci was placed on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list on September 7, 2007. Since then he has been hiding in Mexico like the coward all pedophiles are.

Check out the wiki on Dylan Thomas!

So now Bill Evans would like to step in Dylan Thomas place.
Bill the boy sodomizer –child molester as well wishes he had the expertise. Bill’s has no expertise that is why he is broke and facing prison himself.

The den of perverts and child molesters is dark and grim… and with these child molesters
at the wheel we know better than to agree about their propaganda labeled “child love”.

Congratulations to the FBI, and Perverted Justice members who helped with this great arrest!

Jacey got the news report up on YouTube! Thanks Jacey!

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The cars kept coming
like a faucet running
little flags guide the way
letting others know that day
she was on her way
the journey is just beginning
the price she pays
the cards she dealt
all boils to a melt
of sorrow for her losses
and joy for her wins.

In the end its the pieces you leave behind
like I said before
those pieces
of you
tell your story
when you can’t defend yourself
because the debt all men pay
comes at a price.

What is the legacy of your life?

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Some people have told me that when your an adult you begin to see life differently, and because of that… your view of your parents are supposed to change too.

I am beginning to understand how true that is. Especially when you have been taught otherwise.

As a child, my Mother groomed me. Not to molest me but for us to take care of her. It was also emotional blackmail, because if we protested we were made to feel guilty for it.

I can’t remember the age I was taught how to pluck her eyebrows or *do her head*.
Doing her head was putting a oil solution on her scalp and scraping off her psoriasis using a comb.
I remember not wanting to do these things….ever.

Even as an adult ….
she still expected me to pluck her eyebrows when I came to visit her, and I did.

When I was 15 I ran away I couldn’t take it any longer, as I was still being physically abused by my father as well as verbally and emotionally.

What did she do?
She abandoned me, abused me emotionally, manipulated me and then blamed me.

At age 15 I was put into jail for almost 2 months. I was so stupid I was caught stealing a pair of shoes to run away with because it was winter and mine had holes in them. It was wrong and I learned my lesson and this probably saved my life, not only because my Dad was that violent, but also because I had only returned from running away 2 weeks before and that was when I was kidnapped and gang-raped! Most of the time I spent in jail I was alone in a huge yellow cell. No TV just a radio.

I remember when different girls my age would come in we would act silly and laugh and talk and carve our names with the spoons on the bunk beds.
There was a younger female officer there who was nice to me and brought me candy bars at night time and talked to me.

15 jail probation.
After this it was summertime then I turned 16 in the fall. I got on the bus to go to school every day but never went to school.

Mostly what I would do is hang out with my gay friend who was also a survivor and
he and I would sit talking in our *English accents* and if either one of us had any money we would eat lunch.

Of course Mom got bent out of shape.. and I would too in retrospect but I would handle it much differently. But she decided to…

16 drop me off at my uncles who lived in the woods in October….giving me a carton of cigs and telling me she would be back in a week but she never returned.
He dropped me back off in May.

16 July I went to a music concert with my sister and left a note to mom and she called the police. I didn’t get back home. I took some drugs and ended up in some house with lots of people and three days later I got a ride and went to see my sister that’s when she told me the police was after me.

16 in jail 2 weeks. I think this was the time they put me into the *hole* cell because they didn’t have room for me. And they shut all the doors it was black and there was a hole in the floor to go to the bathroom.
I think I was in there a day or so time is blank. Then I was in a big cell with more girls my age.

16 put into a coed group home. A girl stabbed me in the neck with a pair of scissors after offering to cut my hair. I guess her boyfriend liked me, of which I had no idea until she stabbed me… seriously I had just got there!

16 Another group home. This place was all girls and after a while it felt kinda like home.
I got a job as a waitress and a boyfriend. I ended up staying away from the home too long to be with him.

17 jail—you can guess…. they didn’t like it.

17 juvenile detention. I cannot remember how long I was in jail for but I do remember when they took me to the detention home a couple old volunteers drove another girl and myself.
We were all chained up with chains and handcuffs.
I was in this place for a month and a half when they realized I didn’t belong there.
I had developed blisters all over my hands and stopped eating.

17 Foster Home. This was on a farm with lots of people. Not much memory other than I didn’t like it. I was completely alone.

17 group home for girls. The minute my caseworker and I walked into the house the ambulance was there. Someone had OD’d. They took her out on the stretcher, the caseworker leaves then the lady takes me to my room and says nothing about all the commotion.
I was shocked and in awe and she nonchalantly she takes me to my room -leaves- and another girl runs in saying “HERE!!”
I was like “what??” She held out her hand and I get a handful of pills dumped into my palm.
This was the place I was to live on drugs until I turned 18.
I learned a whole lot in this time, and experienced many things, like how many drugs it takes to forget.

My Mom visited me once in the Detention home, once in a group home and once in the last group home. She told me it was my fault I was kidnapped and gang raped, my fault for making my dad abuse me.

She gave me life, and through out my life she was the only parent I had.

The heart often plays tricks on us. Being content with anger and bitterness only destroys it yet inside the heart is that little tiny speck of faith
that carries us through to the next day.

That hope that one day she would be pleased, one day I will be OK to her.
The one yearning inside the soul that screams for acceptance.
Rightful acceptance that some humans get from their families but so many never get.

We are the ones who live our lives trying to achieve the impossible: love and acceptance from those who gave birth to us or were supposed to be good care givers to us.

Once you clean up and realize drugs won’t cure that and the world is cruel you can begin to deal with the present.

Sometimes the present seems impossible yet in the soberness of mind and spirit that little speck of hope whispers
*don’t forget about me*.

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Tell them NO WAY!!!!

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shadowdweller your life is a joke

in a depressed mood…I need to rant. Posted by shadowdweller on Wednesday, April 16 2008 at 05:18:51pm

What’s got me so depressed today? Who knows.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I have to deal with these overwhelming desires on a daily basis, and not only can I not act on them but I can’t let it show or talk to anyone about these desires. And really all I want is someone to love, it just so happens that the people I am attracted to are rarely above the age of 12.

So realistically, even if it was ‘acceptable’ to pursue those I find attractive, it is unlikely that there would much of a chance of forming a mature relationship with her.

So where does that put me? Harbouring impossible desires. Desires so intense they almost seem tangible.

What kind of life is this to lead? There must be some damn purpose, or is life just a joke, and there is no sense in anything; it all just ‘is’?

And then I think of my future and what it holds, and I see nothing. There is no where to go. Things won’t get better, I won’t get ‘better’, society will hate me till the day I die, I will never be able to form a meaningful relationship with someone I am attracted to…bah!

I often try to kick my drinking habits, but then days like this come along and I think, ‘why bother?’ At least the alcohol can give me the illusion that everything is fine for a while. But I know this is what I have to fight off, but finding the point in it all is so damn elusive and it’s soo much easier to just give in to the easy way.

I work, I eat, I sleep, I yearn. I hate work; I don’t eat much, if anything; sleep is elusive – I am an insomniac; and we all know about the yearnings.

True, I find joy in raising my own girls and doing what I can for them, but it won’t be long before they are grown and won’t need me anymore. Even sooner than that, they will no longer bring friends home for me to befriend, and even that avenue to small joy will be gone.

Life sucks. And we sit on the bottom of the barrel.

You are at the bottom of the barrel.. a shit barrel.
Eat it up pedophile.

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Silver wolf gets no respect

John boy’s confused, ya see… wut he meant was…

Posted by Silver Wolfe on Wednesday, April 16 2008 at 10:33:05am
In reply to So… you’re saying you want more candy? posted by jd420 on Wednesday, April 16 2008 at 07:51:50am

I’m a PEDOPHILE, see? If anyone wants to stereotype me and force me to adhere to that stereotype and then cage me because I can wear that label, they gonna have to come with a HELL of a lot more than they gots now, see? LOL

I’m me. I am an individual. I march to the beat of my own fucking drummer. NO one is going to tell me what I am have done, am doing, or will do based on an orientation. I am who I am and I don’t let anyone shush ME because the public has a fucked up perception of what they think I am. If I break the law, they can cage me. If I don’t break a law, I wouldn’t suggest trying to put me in a container…cuz, frankly, sumun’s gonna have some problems.

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, MY age, an’ I’m not the sort to conform to someone else’s idea of what I should look like, act like, sound like… or like.

In short, anyone who wants to hang a card around my neck claiming what they think I am going to do based on the actions of someone else who is white/tall/fat/smart/foolish/laidback/dying/(shall I go on?) can go pound sand up their roody poo!!

Peace, Love and LOVE ME, HATE ME… I dun care, but ya best respect me for the individual I am or there will be problems.

^Silver Wolfe~~

Oh, this should apply to everyone.

Pervert… I don’t respect you or any of your girl lusting molesting pedophiles.


Your a filthy low life scum bag that gets off on child abuse. If you didn’t get off on it you would not be embracing the pedophilia.

I hope the wolf bites you in the head and pukes out your shit for brains.

Your *sexual orientation* is a mental illness at best which could be cured with life in prison or using death penalty.

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Bubba’s awaiting you pedophiles

I just love this movie!

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Taken from Boychat:

Being on a arrested person’s ICQ list
Posted by Bensagogo on 2008-April-8 00:36:02, Tuesday
Say I am friends with a BC poster who then gets arrested. Say I’ve had many personal conversations with him over ICQ, though never about perverse things, just other BL related issues. Do police have grounds for tracking me down?

Are there others feeling what I’m feeling?

These pedophiles are worried.. I have no doubt as to why.

More evidence boychatters are filth and scum more evidence of illegal behavior.

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Will you or won’t you?

I am.

Pedophiles want to cover up under the label child lovers.
They say that we as society do not care as much for our children as they do.

I say that is a LIE!

Sooner or later the pedophiles who shout the loudest end up getting caught and put into prison. Although usually its not long enough but the fact is that they do not love children.
They prove it without a finger lifted from me.
Their pedo searches and child pornography searches! Their re-offending a child!
They don’t comply with the sex offender registry! They don’t try to change!

Pedophiles and sex offenders should not be on the internet period!

Our children are put at risk by the very nature of pedophiles and with them being able to be on the internet they are gathering and consoling and encouraging each other’s sexual lusts and attractions to children.
Sex offenders making web pages and secret groups to fight the sex offender laws we have in place now. A think tank of ideas how to groom the public into believing they are harmless.
How to abolish sex offender laws and this includes abolishig them for pedophiles who have raped children and are on the registry. We even found out a few who were arrested recently in child porn busts!

And how much worse can things get?

Look at Disney’s 20/20 show! The Age of Consent show violated so much trust
many American people do not even realize they were lied to.

How sad that main stream media has to resort to lies and selling our children
for prime-time ratings!

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