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What scumbag monsters!

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Her little face was so frail her skeleton poking out clearly from under the skin but in all her tininess -all her strength -wrapped itself around my legs. I bent down and picked her up and hugged her. Every time I went to put her back down she clung to me for dear life.

I had went to visit another little girl that day. Her shiny healthiness and the sparkle in her eyes show the love she inherits. She stood back after a while wanting me to save this frail one- asking silently for her safety.

Instinct of life and death come natural. Loving and caring should be natural but because we are humans, and adaptable- we adjust to our surroundings- which can be horrible.

What part of normal does a child (huddled in the corner in a fetal position and sleeping) portray?

I come away in reflection, and absolution– evolution has brought me out of the depths of poverty and desperation … I have always been the one they brought their hurt children to. I had to fix the children, and the parent… then help clean up the mess.

Ignorance is bred but only to the ignorant. The smart ones get up and out.

My faith in America- the United States of America has started to dwindle even more. Most of the reason for this is when I do home visits. Certainly ignorance breeds ignorance however in many cases the young Mothers come from homes in which they suffered. Many times these
women do not even realize the suffering they did until much later. Often times they die young
and the cycle remains unbroken because no one understands how to break the cycle. The federal government needs an insurance program for all Americans regardless of income and doctors who will accept it! Lets put our children first and educate them and give them proper homes and teach their parents how to be parents.

You hear a lot of needs and see a lot of needs in the ghetto. But you also see a whole mess of self destruction, property destruction and pain. The pain feeds on anger so anger is usually one of the first things you meet.

Anger and frustration lead to desperation. Desperation for money and food and cigarettes and maybe their drug or pop of choice. No one is teaching these mothers how to be parents.
If a young Mother comes to her welfare office they need help. One of the things they need help with is the children. How to be good parents. Good parents break cycles.

Before you have unprotected sex or really sex of any kind you should ask yourself if your ready to become a parent. More than *oh what a cute baby!*. More like *can I be less selfish and give a child what they need?* and *can I pay for this child forever?* There is a never ending commitment with having children.

First when they are babies they are demanding–but as they grow they need parents who stick to routines, dinner time and home work every night. They need that commitment from their parents and their parents commitment to each other. Both parents– if they do not–its already a strike against them.

What part of normal does a prospective parent strike out their kid for a good time in bed?

Part of what is wrong with America is the selfishness of its own people. The stubbornness
against change and keeping up with their neighbor. When people share and care– many times families are saved… kids are rescued and we can sleep that night.

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Bubba likes Dylan in make up!

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Taken from Boychat:

Being on a arrested person’s ICQ list
Posted by Bensagogo on 2008-April-8 00:36:02, Tuesday
Say I am friends with a BC poster who then gets arrested. Say I’ve had many personal conversations with him over ICQ, though never about perverse things, just other BL related issues. Do police have grounds for tracking me down?

Are there others feeling what I’m feeling?

These pedophiles are worried.. I have no doubt as to why.

More evidence boychatters are filth and scum more evidence of illegal behavior.

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The filth of life are pedophiles who molest children and never get caught!
The filth of life begins in the home of filthy people!
Filth leads to filth!
And more filth!

Pedophiles your spectators are watching you and pointing and laughing at how funny you look and YES we are so sickened by your ignorance and abhorrence to therapy.

You molesters and your supporters continue to pollute the world.

You know you haven’t any right to offend a child, and yet you encourage other pedophiles to keep on being a pedophile under no supervision of a therapist.
Your fight continues as mine does.. and I promise I will keep fighting against you and one day someone will listen about your victims and the filth of your life.

The truth of your life filthy pedophile.

Listen we are not ignorants…. You try play the gay card like its owed to you to be a “society pedophile aka childlover“… aka undercover child molester.

Mentally Ill filth.

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