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International boylove day is today. As part of their celebrations pedophiles often light blue candles.
Lets show the pedophiles how stupid they are and light white candles all over the internet!

Protest International Boylove Day

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Bubba’s awaiting you pedophiles

I just love this movie!

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Cross posted from AZU written by Jacey

Twice a year, the pedofreaks over at BoyChat celebrate International Boylove Day (IBLD), a day on which they light blue candles in celebration of child sexual abuse.

Meet Allan Doerner aka “Hangtwenty”, a 75 year old Karaoke singer from West Palm Beach, Florida. What I don’t think Allan’s audiences realize when he goes on stage to sing to Ricky Martins “Livin La Vida Loca” (translates to “living the crazy life”) is that Allan is also living a secret life of pedophilia and child abuse.

Throughout his life Allan has made an effort to be around boys, at one point he was the coach on a Little League baseball team, later on he hung around with street kids, kids which were already having enough trouble with their lives, Allan says:

“I was involved with street unwanted boys, mostly Puertorican… and these boys were another story..! I didn’t have to say anything… or lie… They just knew..! To them, if a middleaged single white man (I was recently divorced) showed as much interest as I did in the welfare of an 11 or 13 year-old hispanic boy… there was more to it than just a fatherly concern for their welfare..! That’s what they believed….

….and that’s what they accepted..!”

And in one post on BoyChat, Allan confesses to having groomed and sexually abused children in the past:

I know I molested… never with force…mostly by seduction… with kindness, caring, gifts, etc…..but I refuse to think otherwise..! To repeat, the fact that someone enjoys being molested doesn’t change the fact… ..(..now, all of you can jump all over me..)

…We all know what the law says about consensual sexual acts between adults and minors… and we all know that what the law doesn’t find out, the law can’t act on…

Dressed eccentrically, Allan preforms before an unsuspecting audience, a pedophile who posts on BoyChat and who has also has a history of sexually abusing children; Child Molesters like Allan are the reason why we here at Absolute Zero make an effort to protest International Boylove Day.

To protest IBLD show your support for children’s innocence by burning a white candle and/or by placing this banner on your website/blog.

This Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 – Stand up against International Boylove Day!

Protest International Boylove Day
Click here to watch our International Boylove Day video from June 23, 2007.

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