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The boyloving pedophiles at boychat are still talking about their ex webmaster who was arrested in early June 2008. The filthy pedophile Jon Savarino Schillaci who refused to repent or change his ways who is now in jail awaiting trial.

Reality check.
Posted by grahamsworld 2008-June-26 03:25:49, Thursday

In reply to ‘This makes me much more sympathetic toward….posted by Santi on 2008-June-26 01:23:59, Thursday
There are many people here, including myself, who have a tremendous admiration for DT.

To be jailed for ten years as a teenager and then going on to achieve so much is nothing short of amazing.

Noone knows how “innocent” or “guilty” he was regarding anything he has been charged with and the chances are very high that his “victims” were consensual and very happy with proceedings at the time.

There is no merit in being negative just for the sake of it, Santi.


“To be jailed for ten years as a teenager and then going on to achieve so much is nothing short of amazing.”


There is this thing inside your brain. Its called free will. Any person given free will and intelligence would know they must improve mankind not for themselves but for all of humanity.

Like other pedophiles Jon Savarino Schillaci had a certain amount of determination to learn– but their pedophilliac lust kept them from achieving the ultimate: Better Humanity- for all and all to come. This means that real intelligence and achievement comes with the morality to judge yourself and your actions and change the offending ones.

Measure of achievement is not in this man’s studies, for this man is corrupt and evil at heart. Men like this–their lust drives them because the orgasm is the ultimate goal after all. The climax of molesting a child, and getting away with it. Their orgasms are the whole purpose for their fight against us anti-pedophile activists, society and children.

By examining ourselves we achieve the ultimate gift of knowledge, and vast experience
when we change for the better -for all and all to come.

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